Two tender doors for Project Sparta

Newthex signs contract with Heesen Yachts for the engineering, design and delivery of two tender doors for the 67-metre Steel FDHF super yacht ‘Sparta’ also known as project YN 20067.


Project Sparta, a unique yacht with exterior and interior design by Winch Design is set for delivery in 2023 and started its construction on October 19, 2020. This new-look sporty profiled yacht has its garage located under the foredeck which will house a limousine tender and a rescue boat. To launch these boats there will be a tender door on both starboard and port side of the vessel.


A large tender door always affects the lines of the ship. To maintain the sleek and sporty lines of the hull the two weather tight tender doors will be operated with Newthex’s invisible slide and tilt hinges. Martin Luth, Engineering Manager at Newthex, says “Our invisible hinges are the best choice to minimize influence on the initial design. Especially when the doors are placed in the forward end of the ship, the curvature of the hull is completely different from the aft end of the ship. With our invisible hinges, those curves and other design features can remain virtually the same because the doors first slides out and then rotates upwards.”



To maintain the muscular profile of Sparta the windows in the hull and other features will continue in the design of the door. The tender doors for Project Sparta will be made out of aluminum and a combined steel/aluminum frame will be incorporated into the hull.


For more information about Project Sparta please visit Heesen Yachts

Artist impressions by: Heesen Yachts