Maritime doors,
hatches and elevators

Newthex develops and manufactures watertight and weathertight doors and hatches whether it be hinged or sliding for your yacht or vessel.

Our in-depth knowledge provides standard and tailor-made solutions for shipyards and ship owners.


Newthex can upgrade your vessel or mega yacht with standard and tailor made doors, hatches and elevators that suit your wishes.


Our agents play a crucial role in our success. We value and rely on our dedicated network of agents who represent the Newthex brand and products worldwide.


Newthex offers a full after-sales service including spare parts and maintenance of both our own and third-party products.

Latest news

Superyacht Helicopter Deck Hatch and Lifting Platform ready for transport

Newthex announces the successful completion of a huge Helicopter Deck Hatch and Lifting Platform wich soon will be placed into a superyacht.

Daviddi Marine joins Newthex as Italian market agent

We are delighted to share some great news: Daviddi Marine is joining Newthex as an official agent for the Italian market, representing our products in the region. Our agents play an important role in our operations, and we're excited to see…

Newthex doors and invisible hinges for Golden Yachts' Superyacht O'Rea

Last month, Golden Yachts proudly launched the magnificent 77.7-metre superyacht O'Rea in Greece, marking another milestone in their illustrious fleet. Newthex delivered the mooring doors and invisible sliding tilt hinges for the tender garage…