Superyacht Helicopter Deck Hatch and Lifting Platform ready for transport

Newthex announces the successful completion of a huge Helicopter Deck Hatch and Lifting Platform wich soon will be placed into a superyacht. Due to the yacht’s geometry and available space, the Newthex engineering team was challenged to come up with a project-specific solution, resulting in a shorter platform suitable for accommodating the helicopter.


Walktrough video

Our Project Manager, Niels de Krijger, walks you through this enormous hatch.

Daviddi Marine joins Newthex as Italian market agent

We are delighted to share some great news: Daviddi Marine is joining Newthex as an official agent for the Italian market, representing our products in the region. Our agents play an important role in our operations, and we’re excited to see how this collaboration will benefit our valued clients in Italy.


Founded in 2017, Daviddi Marine has established itself as a respected distributor of well-known brands like Quantum, Zenoro, Xeamos, Ocean Marine Systems, Feebe and Shift Clean Energy within the Italian maritime sector.


Newthex is honored to be included in this esteemed group of brands, and we eagerly look forward to a successful partnership. The official partnership agreement has been signed recently by Rik Bos and Stefano Daviddi.


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Newthex doors and invisible hinges for Golden Yachts’ Superyacht O’Rea

Last month, Golden Yachts proudly launched the magnificent 77.7-metre superyacht O’Rea in Greece, marking another milestone in their illustrious fleet. Newthex delivered the mooring doors and invisible sliding tilt hinges for the tender garage door.


The design of a large door can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and lines of a ship. To preserve the muscular lines of the hull, which is designed by Studio Vafiadis, Golden Yachts made a strategic choice by opting for Newthex hinges. Martin Luth, Managing Director at Newthex, explains; “Our invisible hinges are the best choice to minimize the influence on the initial design, particularly when the doors are located at the forward end of the ship. In this project, the door equipped with our hinges is positioned on Portside, aft of the mooring door. Our innovative solution ensures that the curvature of the hull and other design features remain virtually unchanged. The door smoothly slides out and rotates upwards, seamless integrated with the overall aesthetics of the vessel, while preserving its unique design elements.”



Newthex sliding-tilt hinges have gained recognition in the industry for their unrivaled quality, precision engineering, and ability to enhance the aesthetics of superyachts. By offering solutions that focus on both functionality and aesthetics, Newthex continues to establish itself as a trusted supplier in the maritime industry.”



For more information about Golden Yachts please visit:

Photo’s by: Studio Reskos

Newthex doors & hatches onboard superyacht ACE

In early December Conrad Shipyard christened the 44.27-metre superyacht C144S in Gdansk. The vessel named ACE is the first of its line and is the largest motor yacht yet built by the Polish shipyard. Newthex delivered a versatile range of doors and hatches for this tri-deck motor yacht. With the second vessel already in the outfitting stage Conrad is working on another masterpiece.


For ACE Newthex delivered a complete range of weathertight accommodation doors, automatic sliding doors, hatches in multiple sizes and several watertight Next Doors.



The second Conrad hull from this series has already moved to outfitting and will have a  similar share of Newthex products onboard. Like motor yacht ACE the vessel has a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure. The expected delivery date of this sister vessel is set in the summer of 2023.


Second hull with Newthex products onboard



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Photo’s by: Conrad Yachts

Meet Newthex at the METS edition 2022

Will we meet in RAI Amsterdam? Metstrade 2022 is about to start. Newthex’s team is available for all your questions at the SuperYacht Pavilion: 10.418.

Metstrade in Amsterdam is the world’s biggest and most visited B2B leisure marine equipment show, which has been bringing the marine industry together for decades. This global business platform and community focuses on innovation, market developments, and on-site networking.


Newthex signs contract for new helicopter lifting platform

Just a few months after mounting the previous helicopter lifting platform Newthex signs a contract for delivering a new platform for another superyacht.

Due to the ships geometry and available space the Newthex engineering team was challenged to come up with a project specific solution which results in a shorter platform suitable for taking the helicopter.

The weather tight hatch is slightly bigger as 13 metres and when opened stands almost 4 metres high. The platform is driven by a hydraulic jigger cylinder which moves the platform by multiple wire ropes from the helideck down to the hangar.


Check video: previous helicopter lifting platform

Newthex receives ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification

Continuing our ongoing commitment to quality, Newthex is proud to announce that we have received two ISO certifications. With our quality procedures officially recognised we are confident that we will be able to continue to deliver our projects to the highest quality standards and exceeding our clients expectations.


The management of Newthex commissioned DNV to review and document Newthex processes to certify the management system is conform the international standards. On February 24, 2022, Newthex received both certifications after DNV audited and validated the quality and operational standards of our services and operations.


ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

The ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrate that Newthex fulfils the requirements of the defined management system standards to consistently provide a high-quality service that meet customer, as well as statutory and regulatory, demands.


ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System

Our second ISO 14001:2015 certification demonstrates the commitment to international environmental standards across all Newthex activities. To facilitate reductions in pollution, waste generation and unintended discharges to the environment whilst improving our resource management and use of energy.




Benefits of the Newthex hidden flush transom door

One of the reasons of owning a superyacht is the beachclub where the owners and guest always love to stay and enjoy the luxury toys or just chill close to the sea. 


But how do you create the perfect beachclub without the shade of an upwards hinged transom door and without the cons of a transom swimming platform that is more exposed to the waves. At Newthex we offer the perfect solution with our ‘Hidden flush transom door’.


Video: The transom door onboard Turquoise Yachts NB69

The Youtube channel ‘Yachts for Sale’ visits the Turkish superyacht builder Turquoise Yachts and gets a closer look onboard superyacht NB69 which is also equipped with our hidden flush transom door.

More information about the Newthex doors onboard this superyacht can be found here.


Video: How the transom door works

To see how this Hidden flush transom door works you can check this factory acceptance test of a similar yet smaller Newthex door for another superyacht. These transom doors can be designed by Newthex in every dimension to best suit the beachclub the owner or designer has in mind for a comfortable and spacious feel to the area.



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Video by Yachts For Sale

The importance of a factory acceptance test

All doors, hatches and elevators we produce at Newthex go through an FAT, which is short for Factory Acceptance Test. Why do we create these test and why is it important for our clients?


Before we prepare our product for transport and shipment we conduct a FAT. Off course depending on the client and the agreements we made in general you can state that most tests we conduct are done with the client and ship owner representatives.

Video: FAT Maritime elevator doors


At the Newthex factory we set up a rig and assemble all components to create a complete working setup of the door or hatch with the actual hydraulic parts and other components for that specific door.


“We can check if all parts move correct, save and with the right speed and hydraulic pressure. We even test if the seal is watertight and more. In the end it saves time when assembled at the yard. Which is a huge benefit for the shipyard.” says technical director Martin Luth.


Also the client signs of on a fully working product. Knows how it needs to be operated, how it runs an how the safety features work. This ensures the same quality during installation at the shipyard.


Video: FAT Beach club door Superyacht


Meet Newthex at Metstrade 2021

After missing out on last years edition we would love to meet each other again this year in Amsterdam. Newthex’s team is available for all your questions at the SuperYacht Pavilion: 07.550.

Due to the covid measurements last years edition was cancelled. This year the world’s biggest and most visited B2B leisure marine equipment show returns.

Would you like to visit Newthex at this Marine Equipment Show from 16 to 18 November? Order your free tickets online here or get more info at the