The importance of a factory acceptance test

All doors, hatches and elevators we produce at Newthex go through an FAT, which is short for Factory Acceptance Test. Why do we create these test and why is it important for our clients?


Before we prepare our product for transport and shipment we conduct a FAT. Off course depending on the client and the agreements we made in general you can state that most tests we conduct are done with the client and ship owner representatives.

Video: FAT Maritime elevator doors


At the Newthex factory we set up a rig and assemble all components to create a complete working setup of the door or hatch with the actual hydraulic parts and other components for that specific door.


“We can check if all parts move correct, save and with the right speed and hydraulic pressure. We even test if the seal is watertight and more. In the end it saves time when assembled at the yard. Which is a huge benefit for the shipyard.” says technical director Martin Luth.


Also the client signs of on a fully working product. Knows how it needs to be operated, how it runs an how the safety features work. This ensures the same quality during installation at the shipyard.


Video: FAT Beach club door Superyacht