Benefits of the Newthex hidden flush transom door

One of the reasons of owning a superyacht is the beachclub where the owners and guest always love to stay and enjoy the luxury toys or just chill close to the sea. 


But how do you create the perfect beachclub without the shade of an upwards hinged transom door and without the cons of a transom swimming platform that is more exposed to the waves. At Newthex we offer the perfect solution with our ‘Hidden flush transom door’.


Video: The transom door onboard Turquoise Yachts NB69

The Youtube channel ‘Yachts for Sale’ visits the Turkish superyacht builder Turquoise Yachts and gets a closer look onboard superyacht NB69 which is also equipped with our hidden flush transom door.

More information about the Newthex doors onboard this superyacht can be found here.


Video: How the transom door works

To see how this Hidden flush transom door works you can check this factory acceptance test of a similar yet smaller Newthex door for another superyacht. These transom doors can be designed by Newthex in every dimension to best suit the beachclub the owner or designer has in mind for a comfortable and spacious feel to the area.



For more information about Turquoise Yachts please visit:
Video by Yachts For Sale