Will Black Pearl be awarded for best Sailing Yacht in 2019?

Great to hear that the Black Pearl, built by Oceanco is a finalist for the ‘Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2019’.


Newthex is proud to be involved with this 106-metres project, being the world’s largest sailing yacht and designed and built with the technology to cross oceans without burning fossil fuel. For this advanced yacht, Newthex delivered several doors and hatches, among 2 MOB hatches on the front deck, 2 dinning terrace hull doors, a transom door, a stair hatch, an escape hatch and several watertight hinged and sliding doors.


The award ceremony will take place during the Superyacht Design Symposium in January 2019. As Newthex we know whom to vote for!


Ext Design: Ken Freivokh  Nuvolari Lenard
Naval Architecture: Dijkstra Naval Architects



Did you miss us at the METS?

The world largest B2B leisure marine equipment show, which brings the marine industry together for decades was over before we knew it. In most cases this is a good sign. But maybe you would have liked to meet up with Newthex and didn’t get the chance. 

Currently we are working on beautiful project and tailor made solutions for our clients world wide. To make our products ever more effective and appealing we are continuously innovating.

If you would like to know more more about our expertise or if you are interested in a complete package for your future vessel like we delivered for the super yacht ‘GO’ for Turquoise Yachts (picture background of our stand). Don’t hesitate and make an appointment.

Crew training for safe usage Ro-Ro ramp

Another crew is fully trained by Newthex. Last month the Indian Navy received an on board training about trouble shooting and how to operate the ramp in case of an emergency. 

Safety and the correct usage is crucial in case of an emergency. To know how to act in certain situations Newthex also trained the crew in manually operating the ramp fast and efficient in a save way. Newthex delivered 8 Ro-Ro ramps on board several Landing Craft Vessels for the Indian Navy. Next to these on-board training exercises Newthex also provided classroom training.


Crew training Ro-Ro Ramp landing craft vessel navy

Newthex opens doors at the Monaco Boat Show 2018

Today during the Yacht Show mr. Ruben Tienpont, Jan de Rover and Johan Troelstra are present to answer all your questions how Newthex products can contribute to a Superyacht Lifestyle.


“It’s nice to see our products in place and shining on board a lot of yachts here at the Monaco Yacht Show.” says Managing Director Ruben Tienpont.



Johan Troelstra is pointing at two yachts [picture above] “In the front you can see our Transom door standing open at the stern of the 88.5-metre long superyacht ‘Barbara’ by Oceanco. In the back you can spot the fresh delivered 77-metre superyacht ‘GO’ from Turquoise yachts which Newthex provided with a total of 7 custom shell doors, 2 MOB hatches and 1 special flush pop-up sliding hatch. Newthex also delivered 10 watertight hinged doors for the ‘GO’.” he says.


“We don’t always get to see so many vessels in one place with Newthex products, therefore the Monaco Boat Show is the perfect place for us to meet up with our clients and leads.” says Jan de Rover.


If you are not present at the Monaco Boat Show but you would like to meet-up with Newthex you can always schedule an appointment. Please call us at +31 (0) 598 361 660 or send us an email at info@newthex.com.

A door which supports ads and art in London

Newthex delivered components for unique sculptural billboard in London named ‘The Kensington’.


Last week the statue was officially unveiled. Only 2 months earlier Newthex delivered and commissioned for CIG Architecture the drive system and propulsion arms of the round and curved shaped maintenance door at the back of the structure. CIG Architecture is specialist in free form structures.



The design is made by Zaha Hadid Architects for advertising company JCDecaux. The structure integrates public art, contemporary design and digital media.

The screen has a staggering width of 26 meters and is 6 meters high and is framed in a matt steel curvilinear ribbon design. It is prominently located on the key route between central London and Heathrow Airport.


Photo by: Luke Hayes
Main photo by: JCDecaux


Newthex creates modern doors with classic lines

The Livingstone 24 is inspired by the classic gentleman’s yachts of the 1930’s mixed with Dutch Design. The classical design is combined with the newest innovations in yachting. Hartman Yachts assigned Newthex to create multiple doors to match the design of the vessel.


The exterior doors were given a retro look by adding rounded details to match the exterior lines of the vessel. and the interior side of the accommodation doors have a wooden trim.


For this contemporary yacht Newthex also delivered the double doors at the aftdeck, hatches, lockers and the watertight engine room door.


For more info about the Livingstone 24 please visit: http://hartmanyachts.com/

Mooring doors for offshore vessel Paul Candies

For the American offshore vessel ‘Paul Candies’ Newthex recently commissioned several mooring doors and hatches and a larger provision door on port side on behalf of Trinoxx.

During the early stages of the build Newthex delivered the doors and as the vessels is now approaching it’s final stage Newthex successfully commissioned all doors.

All 4 doors are logic controlled and managed by one centralized power pack.



Maintaining a unique Bulwark Tender Crane

For the superyacht ‘Hadia’ we recently serviced this unique Bulwark tender crane engineered by Newthex in 2004. The yacht was delivered by Hakvoort in 2006 and was previosly known as ‘JeMaSa’ as she changed from owners.

The crane travels 5 metres and has a beam of 8 metres. It can carry vessels up to 9 metres with a maximum weight of 2500kg


Newthex delivers complete package for Turquoise Yachts

Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch

For the fresh launched 77-metre superyacht ‘GO’ from Turquoise yachts, Newthex delivered all shell doors and hatches.

A total of 9 custom shell doors and 2 MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch are created without making a compromise to the design of the yacht. Beside these items Newthex also delivered 10 NEXT watertight doors.

‘Go’ photos by Francisco Martinez


Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch

Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch


The central tender garage can accommodate 2 luxury tenders, a limo tender up to 10m and a multipurpose tender up to 8m. The large beach club located at the stern of the vessel provides access to the sea at 3 sides.


Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch

Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch


Special feature for the ‘Go’ is a unique pop-up hatch on the deck just behind the Heli platform and the mooring doors which are a combination of steel and aluminium.


Newthex MOB hatches and 1 special pantograph hatch


The ‘GO’ is now awaiting her sea trials and the doors will be commissioned by Newthex the following weeks. The complete delivery for the superyacht is scheduled for end of May.


2 unique elevators living up to expectations

Since delivery in 2005 the complete system is operating perfect. Two vessels each containing two elevators are used for the production line of the Airbus A380.

The elevators are used to lower the hull segments of the Airbus so it can sail underneath several bridges it has to cross during the 100-kilometre-long journey to the docking area.


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