Newthex designs full scope of hull doors for Turquoise Yachts’ NB69

The 75-metre superyacht NB69 will sail with nine hull doors from Newthex. In august this year Turquoise Yachts announced the sale of project NB69 with the ship just being ready for the installation stage at Pendik shipyard. With the sale its new owner was just in time to change the layout of one of its beachclub doors which suited its owner and guests more by creating a larger and more generous full-beam beach club.


Open feel beach club

Eyecatcher of the vessel is the large beach club with multiple openings. To realize an ‘open feel’ the transom door in open position “disappears” under a large hatch in the aft deck. To hide the transom door first the deck hatch has to open, after which the transom-door rotates downwards to be covered again with the deck hatch.


To obtain this spacious beach club the shell doors on each side of the vessel extends the living area and brings the guest closer to the sea. Newthex designed two aluminum platform doors located on both the port and starboard side of the vessel. Both doors are approximately 4 metres wide.



Two tender garage doors

To accommodate all the support vessels including an 10.2-metre limousine tender, a multi-purpose guest tender, a rescue/crew tender and several jet skis Newthex designed an 11 meters wide garage door located mid-ship and 2 tender doors of respectively 5.5 and 8.5 meters in the forward end of the yacht for save loading on both sides of the superyacht.


All nine hull doors are currently being fitted at Pendik shipyard. Delivery of MY NB69 is scheduled towards the end of 2021. Newthex also designed and delivered thirteen watertight Next doors for this Turkish build superyacht designed by A.Vallicelli & C. yacht design.


For more information about Turquoise Yachts please visit:
Artist impressions by Turquoise Yachts




Hidden Transom door | How it works

25 slim Newthex hatches on board zero emission propulsion Damen Ferries

The city of Copenhagen has upgraded their public transport service, making it cleaner and more sustainable. Movia issued the public tender and subsequently selected Damen as its vessel supplier. The vessels are based on Damen’s E3 philosophy – environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable.

Flush watertight hatches

As on board comfort was an important factor for Movia, Newthex designed a watertight hatch which sits flush in the floor and is convenient to walk on.

An extra slim design was necessary as a safety feature for passengers wearing high heels. All 5 vessels are equipped with 5 of these slim Newthex hatches which grant access to the maintenance areas of the vessel.



Vessel information

The fully electric passenger ferry is able to operate all day with fast charging en route.
More info about the vessels can be found here


Damen contract with Newthex opens door to Dutch quality solutions for CSS

From left to right: Newthex managing team Ruben Tienpont and Jeroen Mulder, dsns operations director Tijs Buijs and project director css Arjan Risseeuw

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has signed two contracts with Newthex for the supply of doors and a hatch to the Royal Netherlands Navy’s (RNLN) Combat Support Ship (CSS) HNLMS Den Helder.


One is for the supply of hydraulically-operated shell doors – covering hull doors, access to gangway and access to shore connection. The other is for top-hinged elevator doors and container hatch.


Newthex will fulfill its scope of supply in April 2021. The doors it will supply are tailor-made for the CSS. They are of a high standard and are both water and gas tight and are fire-rated.



Newthex has a keen focus on sustainability. Other features of its doors are their user-friendliness, ease of maintenance and a high level of automation.


The company has worked with Damen on defence and security projects in the past. Additionally, Newthex works regularly with Damen Yachting supplying its high quality products to the luxury superyacht market.


Contract signing photo from left to right: Newthex managing team Ruben Tienpont and Jeroen Mulder, dsns operations director Tijs Buijs and project director css Arjan Risseeuw


Newthex delivers Double Flush Hatches for OceanXplorer

After a two-year rebuild at Damen Shipyards the 87 metres long deep-sea research vessel OceanXplorer was launched. For this high-tech vessel Newthex delivered two large Double Flush Hatches.


To create high quality films and documentaries while at sea OceanXplorer uses a helicopter, submarines and ROVs. To fuel the helicopter and other equipment OceanXplorer has 4 large removable fuel tanks which are stored beneath the deck.



Each Newthex hatch is more than 4 metres wide and grants access to the fuel storage compartment. The hatches sit flush in the upper deck to benefit the loading process of the large shipping containers which can be stored on the same deck. More info about Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam and OceanXplorer can be found here.


More about the launch of OceanXplorer


A look back at Newthex’s doors on board the Tranquility

In this #throwback video we look back at large doors Newthex delivered for the 90 meter long Tranquility by Oceanco (formerly named Equanimity).


Newthex delivered multiple large doors. Two MOB Bulwark Doors on each side of the vessel and one of the ships highlights is Newthex’s 5 meter wide Transom Door with folding platform. For some onboard footage check the video.


Double opportunity to meet Newthex

Do you prefer Amsterdam or Bangkok? Newthex exhibited at two large events in November. One for our Navy products the other for our Super Yachts Products.


DEFENSE & SECURITY in Bangkok, Thailand from 18-21 November 2019 where Jan de Rover was available for all your questions regarding Newthex Navy products.



METSTRADE in Amsterdam from 17-19 November 2019 Newthex’s team was available for all your questions at the SuperYacht Pavilion. Metstrade is the world’s biggest and most visited B2B leisure marine equipment show, which has been bringing the marine industry together for decades.


Newthex doors proudly shown in book ‘Turquoise Reflections’

Recently we received a unique book from our client Turquoise Yachts. A book about what makes Turquoise unique and gives us a visual glimpse into the world of perfection and customized details.

At Newthex we are proud and grateful to have been involved with the extraordinary technologically advanced 77-meter M/Y GO and are always trilled to see our products being the stars of the show.

With more than 260 pages the book shows a lot of Newthex products from freshly being installed in Turquoise’s facility in Kocaeli and the Pendik Yards to the launch of the GO after only 12 months build time.  A record time build.

Photo’s of Newthex doors and hatches on M/Y GO

A first look at the fresh installed hull door for the beach club.

For GO’s main deck Newthex created a special flush pop-up sliding hatch and 2 large flush MOB hatches.

GO’s mooring doors on starboard and port side are even sleek and stylish when opened.

The beach club offers 3 opening doors -the transom one being a hidden one- for the utmost access to the sea.

GO’s large garage door let’s the tender and toys play outside.

For more information about Turquoise Yachts please visit:

Would you like to know more about the doors onboard M/Y GO, please contact Newthex.

Next doors for Tankoa S501 super yacht

This week Tankoa Yachts launched their latest 50-metre superyacht Binta D’Or at their shipyard in Genoa Italy. For this all aluminum superyacht Newthex delivered a complete range of Watertight Next Doors to protect the potentially vulnerable interior spaces and critical systems.


With Tankoa Yachts Newthex has a successful long record of delivering watertight doors and hatches which they implement in their designs. All Newthex Next Doors and Watertight hatches are pressure tested prior to dispatch and can be certified by all major classification societies.


Why Next watertight doors for superyachts?

Interesting to know is that instead of the typical handwheel driven watertight yacht doors, Newthex Next watertight doors are fit with a single handle. In combination with our patented NEXT closing system the Newthex Next watertight hinged door can be operated with one hand instead of two. This benefits the user and saves time in most situations.

  • Next Doors are equipped with pirate- and thief-proof hinges. When the doors are closed the door can not be lifted off or disconnected from the hinges.
  • As an option Next Doors can be equipped with door handles which light up in the dark.
  • The smooth Next Door design reduces the risk to be hooked or to get hurt while passing the door.


Examples of Newthex Watertight Next Doors onboard a superyacht


World debut at Monaco Yacht Show

The Binta D’Or, also known as Tankoa S501 Hybrid is now undergoing dock and sea trials so she can successfully be delivered to her European owner to debut at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.


For more information about Tankoa Yachts please visit:
Main photo by: Tankoa Yachts

8 large ro-ro ramps for the Indian Navy

Newthex delivered 8 Ro-Ro ramps to several Landing Craft Vessels for the Indian Navy. The 5th vessel was commissioned on the 19th of December 2018. The ramp is capable of supporting heavy vehicles like tanks.




The vessel can be deployed for maritime roles that require amphibious capabilities. The LCU MK IV class can carry up to 216 personnel and 145 tonnes of cargo. Multiple crews have been trained by Newthex these past years, how to operate the ramps safe and correct in case of an emergency.

Newthex at CNR Eurasia Boat Show

The CNR Eurasia Boat Show, is one of the most prestigious and colourful events in its region.

Last year the exhibition had a record-breaking number of visitors and sales volume, receiving orders worth USD 230 million and leading to a trade volume of USD 600 million. In 2019, an increase of 20 percent more trade is expected from the exhibition.

You can visit Newthex at the CNR Eurasia Boat Show. Newthex’s mr. Jan de Rover is available for all your questions from February 23 – March 3 2019 at stand 7-C04.