Newthex doors and invisible hinges for Golden Yachts’ Superyacht O’Rea

Last month, Golden Yachts proudly launched the magnificent 77.7-metre superyacht O’Rea in Greece, marking another milestone in their illustrious fleet. Newthex delivered the mooring doors and invisible sliding tilt hinges for the tender garage door.


The design of a large door can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and lines of a ship. To preserve the muscular lines of the hull, which is designed by Studio Vafiadis, Golden Yachts made a strategic choice by opting for Newthex hinges. Martin Luth, Managing Director at Newthex, explains; “Our invisible hinges are the best choice to minimize the influence on the initial design, particularly when the doors are located at the forward end of the ship. In this project, the door equipped with our hinges is positioned on Portside, aft of the mooring door. Our innovative solution ensures that the curvature of the hull and other design features remain virtually unchanged. The door smoothly slides out and rotates upwards, seamless integrated with the overall aesthetics of the vessel, while preserving its unique design elements.”



Newthex sliding-tilt hinges have gained recognition in the industry for their unrivaled quality, precision engineering, and ability to enhance the aesthetics of superyachts. By offering solutions that focus on both functionality and aesthetics, Newthex continues to establish itself as a trusted supplier in the maritime industry.”



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Photo’s by: Studio Reskos