Newthex takes the maritime door as a challenge. After a lot of analysis and development, Newthex proudly presents the NEXT GENERATION DOOR. These NEXT Doors come with a new and patented NEXT Door Closing System.

NEXT Doors outperform all existing maritime doors on:

Simplicity, Safety, Efficiency, Durability

  • Next Hinged Door | Watertight

Our doors to succes

Manufactured in

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum


  • NEXT Watertight doors up to 50 mwc
  • NEXT Weather & Gastight doors
  • Sliding doors (watertight/gastight)
  • Top-hinged / Side-hinged doors (watertight/gastight)
  • NEXT Accommodation doors
  • Shell doors (watertight)


  • Shock proof
  • Fire proof
  • Pirate proof