Cargo lift | Elevators

Newthex understands the vital role that elevators have in naval vessels for the internal transfer of everything from stores and munitions to aircraft, personnel and general services.

It offers a complete range of elevators, designed and built to military-grade specifications and in accordance with each commissioning agency’s requirements and standards, complete with all necessary doors and hatches.

  • Cargo lift

  • Cargo lift

Elevator operating and control equipment

As well as the elevators themselves, Newthex also supplies operating and control equipment from leading suppliers as well as undertaking the installations on board in cooperation with the shipyard.

Given their critical role and the exceptional demands that may be placed on naval elevators, Newthex is able to design and build systems that are sufficiently hardened to perform under the most difficult circumstances including proximity to sudden shocks and explosions.

Other examples include:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Shock resistance
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
Services by Newthex

Service Agreements

To keep the doors, hatches and elevators on board in a good shape and to reduce your maintenance cost, Newthex can offer service agreements. These agreements will also improve the safety on board.


Newthex provides class room and on board training to your technical staff. These courses are about usage, safety, maintenance and trouble shooting. Newthex provides manuals and instruction booklets.