Barge Lifting platforms – Airbus A380

For the production line of the Airbus A380 Newthex delivered in 2005 four unique elevators. The elevators are used to lower the hull segments of the Airbus so it can sail underneath several bridges it has to cross during the 100-kilometre-long journey to the docking area.

  • Lifting capacity 2x 135 ton

Each vessel has two elevators which can dynamically lift 135 ton. The up-and-down movement is generated by a powerful ‘Jigger Winch’ mounted underneath the platform.

Newthex also delivered the Ro-Ro ramps of the vessels. The barges make multiple trips per Airbus and also carry wings and other large A380 components. The elevators contain special docking features for the unique truck trailers. Since delivery in 2005 the complete system is operating perfect.

At the docking bay the journey for the largest passenger plane in the world continues. Now by truck.

Video: How the lifting platform works

Specs – Airbus lifting platforms
  • 2 elevators per vessel which dynamically lift 135 ton
  • Generated by a powerful ‘Jigger Winch’
  • Custom docking feature for the unique truck trailers
  • Low maintenance
Services by Newthex

Service Agreements

To keep the doors, hatches and elevators on board in a good shape and to reduce your maintenance cost, Newthex can offer service agreements. These agreements will also improve the safety on board.


Newthex provides class room and on board training to your technical staff. These courses are about usage, safety, maintenance and trouble shooting. Newthex provides manuals and instruction booklets.