Ro-Ro Ramps

RO-RO ramps of Newthex can be delivered in several executions, such as:

  • Side ramps
  • Stern ramps
  • Bow ramp

Consisting out of:

  • One piece with finger flaps
  • Folding with sill plates and finger flaps

From loading troops to the heaviest tanks

  • Ro-Ro Ramp Landing Craft Utility

  • Ro-Ro Ramp Landing Craft Utility

  • Ro-Ro Ramp Landing Craft Utility

  • Gastight
  • Watertight
  • Heavy loads
  • Beach landing

Newthex RO-RO ramps will be delivered complete with hydraulic equipment and electronic control. Newthex RO-RO ramps can be either operated by winches or by hydraulic cylinders

Ramps can be executed to support heavy load vehicles

Navy services

Service Agreements

To keep the doors, hatches and elevators on board in a good shape and to reduce your maintenance cost, Newthex can offer service agreements. These agreements will also improve the safety on board.


Newthex provides class room and on board training to your technical staff. These courses are about usage, safety, maintenance and trouble shooting. Newthex provides manuals and instruction booklets.