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Newthex delivers doors to biggest carbon fibre sloop sailboat

The Pink Gin VI left Finland earlier this month. It’s the worlds biggest carbon fibre sloop sailboat measuring 175 feet. Newthex is proud to have delivered to Baltic Yachts the watertight sliding doors and hinged doors for this beautiful yacht. We wish the Pink Gin VI all the best and fair winds   Video: Pink Gin VI

Newthex delivers Ro-Ro Ramps for Indian Navy

For 8 Landing Craft Vessels of the Indian Navy, Newthex delivered the main components. Also Newthex was responsible for the engineering of the Ro-Ro ramps. Eight training exercises have been given by Newthex so each crew is fully trained in operating the Ro-Ro ramps.  

Last Hull door of 2016 delivered by boat

What is the fastest and safest way to transport a 7,5 x 6,6 x 3 mtr Transom door to a Superyacht builder in Germany? This week we delivered our last hull door of 2016 by boat. FAT of many more to follow after New Year!   Photos: Hull ready for transport