Newthex expands engineering capacity

The ongoing increase of projects at Newthex created the need for more engineering talent. The answer came from abroad which led to a collaboration with an engineering company from Ukraine.


“By teaming up we can reduce the lead time and shorten the delivery time of projects by having more engineering capacity .” says head of engineering department Martin Luth. This allows Newthex to serve it’s clients better and faster if needed.


Viktor and Anton at Newthex Sappemeer


To keep the overall quality high, Newthex is now training two Ukraine engineers at the Newthex office in Sappemeer. The engineers, Viktor and Anton are currently staying in Holland for 5 weeks to get familiarized with Newthex, the products but mostly Newthex’s way of working.


This first traineeship will enable the naval engineers to pass on the knowledge to their fellow engineers in Ukraine which also will be working on future Newthex projects together with the Dutch engineers based in Sappemeer. To further enhance and share knowledge more traineeships will take place.